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Revolution Oil is the exclusive manufacturer of Green Saver Oil Additive and APL2000. 

Green Saver Oil Additive

Green Saver Oil Additive is a unique product formulated to improve performance and increase miles per gallon. Green Saver has been road tested over 100 million miles and the results have proven that the product saves fuel, protects the engine from wear and corrosion, and reduces emissions. Engines not only perform better, but last longer when using Green Saver Oil Additive. 

Customers using the product will see immediate savings in fuel costs and emissions. With over 250 million cars and trucks on the road in the United States, and the average age of those cars is 11.4 years. Green Saver will help to keep the engines running smoothly and protect vital engine parts for the life of the automobile.

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All Purpose Lubricant - APL2000

APL 2000 is the next generation environmentally friendly solution for WD-40. APL 2000 is a better formulation than WD-40 due to being nontoxic and biodegradable – yet more effective. APL 2000 can be used as a penetrating lube to loosen rusted nuts and bolts, or lubricate a sticky hinge, and literally has thousands of uses around the shop, home, yard and automobiles.

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